Marissa is our fearless leader and owner of Max Fitness. She was running her first business at 15 years old selling Packaging supplies and moving boxes. She left to the the workforce in 2004 and has spent the last 11 years at home, raising her children. After the birth of her 4th child she incorporated exercise into her life, and immediately found a new love. She is so excited to now combine her love of business with her new passion: fitness.



Angela Kraber is our General Manager and also one of our NASM certified personal trainers teaching a variety of classes at Max Fitness. Angela found her true passion for teaching when her first daughter was born. In 2007 she started a Stroller Strides franchise here in Huntington Beach and has been running it for the past 7 1/2 years! While her main focus is women, especially postpartum, Angela works with and has trained clients of all ages, sizes, and gender. She loves to push and inspire her clients to achieve goals they never imagined were possible. When Angela isn't at Max Fitness, she spends time with her daughters, Meadow (12) and Emma (10).



McKayla King-Mason, the Operations Manager at Max Fitness is currently studying to receive her MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She was born and raised in Huntington Beach and loves exercising at the gym, hiking the wetlands, and cooking with new, healthy recipes.


Sabrina Toth

Sabrina is a Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor at Max Fitness - eager to help individuals stay on track of their fitness goals. She focuses on balance, coordination, and overall strength. In her classes she will teach you corrective form with progressive movements through bodyweight movements and strength and conditioning. Her goal for the class is to build a more stable foundation within your overall functional movements. Her routines are safe and effective and can be modified for all skill levels. As an instructor, she is a highly positive and energetic and ready to help you start the day with a winning mindset!


Nicole Lucena

Nicole was born and raised in Hawaii and found a love for fitness at a young age. Whether it was being in the gym, hiking outdoors, dancing hula or practicing yoga- she always knew fitness would be a great part of her life. After the birth of her daughter, she was inspired to finally pursue my passion for yoga and fitness, and completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training. From there she also found a love for teaching spin and is currently studying to become a certified personal trainer. She is so inspired by each class, by each student, and so excited to be able to share what she loves with others!


Janine Howell

Janine was born and raised on the East Coast and moved to Southern California when she was 18 to pursue her dreams. She obtained an Associates Degree in Fashion Design and spent 5 years in the fashion industry. She later decided to pursue her passions for health and fitness. Janine completed barre training in 2011 and has been teaching ever since! She has completed two 200 hour yoga teacher training's and has certifications from NESTA including: Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Weight and Lifestyle Management Specialist, Pilates Mat and Ball Instructor. She is also certified in TRX and SPX pilates on the megaformer. Her goal is to combine all of the skills, knowledge, and passion that she has and offer that to every client she encounters.


Megan Sant

Megan’s fitness journey began in late 2003 as a way to connect with her older sister; she would try out all the local gyms, tai kwon do studios, and yoga studios and eventually found Hot Yoga and fell in love. She officially began teaching yoga in 2013 after receiving her 200-hour RYT in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has extensive experience teaching many styles including Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, and Restorative Yoga.

She has received certifications in Usui Reiki, Reiki for Oncology, CPR/First Aid, and was provided Dreamwork and Ayurvedic coaching. Her hope is to one day provide yoga for underserved populations across California.

Her goal as an instructor is to help students reconnect with the playful movement of their own bodies by incorporating gentle, yet challenging flows, rhythmic music, and therapeutic guidance all while focusing on the breath. She takes a very inward approach - allowing students to personalize their practice while providing an opportunity to strengthen, stretch, and stabilize but most of all keep it real!


Pamela Shrum

Pamela is a Group Fitness Instructor at Max Fitness. She was born and raised in Huntington Beach and has 2 amazing children - a son (25) and a daughter (20). After taking spin classes for years she was inspired to do likewise for others, and started teaching classes in 2011. She wants to push her clients beyond their perceived fitness limits and help them have the energy and health needed to meet all of their other life goals as well.

Clients that take my class can expect to push their limits to the MAX, while also having a smile on their face because they are having fun at the same time!

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Peggy is the accountability coach here at Max Fitness. Her passion for fitness was renewed after she lost 138 lbs this year and absolutely loves supporting other women in their weight loss/fitness journeys. She has a Bachelor's degree in Education and a K-6 teaching credential. When she’s not teaching or working out at Max Fitness, she is at home with her husband and two children: Porter (4)and Emma (2).

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Erika Boston

Erika is a Child Care Attendant & Front Desk Admin at Max Fitness. She is currently a Freshman studying at at Golden West College. Erika isn’t quite sure what she wants to major in yet but wants her career to involve working with kids. She has extensive experience babysitting, spent 15 years of her life dancing, and loves hang out with her friends.

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Sophia helps with weekend child care at our studio. She is a certified babysitter through the City of Huntington Beach program, spent 2 years as a city Junior Guard, and is currently a Junior at Edison High School. She currently volunteers at the Aquarium of the Pacific and has over 200+ hours of service there. Her goal is to be accepted to the U. S. Air Force and Coast Guard military academies after high school. She enjoys keeping kids safe while having a ton of fun at Max Fitness!